Teachers: Does the policy think they’re worth it?

If you are an educator, or know of one . . . listen up.

Everyone is in total agreement that teachers should be paid a fair wage for their investment in our children’s future. However, everyone talks about it, but no one does anything to improve the present situation.

As of recent, teachers were hoping for an 18% raise. That was renegotiated and hope was for at least 10%. Somehow, that didn’t work out, either.  Here’s  the final verdict…. 3%

Yes . . . you heard that correct. 3%.  Now imagine the AVERAGE hourly rate for some educators in Nashville being $18 per hour. That translates to a mere .54 cent per hour raise! Does anyone actually believe this is a fair and decent wage for a professional, teaching our future leaders and then having to spend their own money for classroom essentials? I know personally of 3 teachers that must work part time as a server, waiting on tables in the hospitality industry, simply to sustain a profession that does allow one to comfortably provide for their own family.

My question is why? The time to fix this is now. Let your voice be heard loud and clear on August 1, 2019.