Scooter, scooters . . . and more scooters!

It’s a fact, no one likes them except the thousands of under-aged and often times inebriated riders as they force their way over sidewalks and streets. They often zigzag like a Singer sewing machine with very little thought or concern for safety of pedestrians, traffic, or themselves.

“Let’s get rid of them”, we holler! However, there’s a documented piece of paper called “The Bill of Rights,” giving these companies the right to distribute and unload 100’s of these scooter on our streets. Therefore, simply getting rid of them is not as easy as it sounds.

Here’s what recently occurred. Our administration gave 7 scooter companies 30 days to fix the problem. In other words, they kicked the can down Broadway. So here’s how they fixed it. They painted white lines in the form of a box next to the curb and called it . . . A ScooterCorral!  Seriously, what has this done to fix the problem? Nothing. It does not deal with the issue of wreckless riding and the dumping of these scooters where ever they end up.

So, here’s my plan. There are already state laws in place making it illegal to ride bicycles on sidewalk and city streets without a helmet. Simply enforce laws in place. Companies will no longer be able to drop these scooters off randomly on Nashville streets without an attached helmet to each one. This will cause an exuberant expense to each rider.  In addition, theft will potentially occur on these helmets, thus causing additional expense.

Lastly, enforce these laws. Law enforcement will now cite every rider who does not have proper head protection as prescribed by written state laws. In addition, riders will be cited riding on sidewalks and not abiding to local and state traffic rules. And, if riding while intoxicated, additional penalties increasing revenue to our city budget while now being able to employ additional officers for downtown.

This is how you fix it . . . now. Enforce local and state laws already in place.