Say NO to Privatized Parking

Presently, the Nashville City Council is seeking a 30 year contract privatizing parking meters and parking enforcement throughout our neighborhoods. According to Channel 5 News, “The plan will take away free parking, raise prices and give an unaccountable, for profit company police-like powers , to issue tickets and fines against Nashvillians and tourism.

According to sources, all parking meters will endure an average 20% increase with approximately 5000 free parking spaces removed. In addition, here’s the part they don’t want you to know about. Sporting events, concerts, vast entertainment festivals and more; Nashville will have to buy back, or rent those spaces back from the independent privatization company. In other words, the revenue received will be returned with Nashville holding an empty bag.

Due to one year of poor management by our elected leaders and council, Nashville will now inherit a long term 360 month budget deficit which will dive directly into the pockets of our residents. Therefore, I am an adamant NO to this proposal.