Raising Revenue!

The best economic engine we have is our private industries, creating products and services we want, and thereby creating jobs. Creating jobs is key to creating increased revenue, not through increased taxes, but through increased tax payers. And private industry is by far our best means to do this.
A mayor with the peoples’ best interests at heart will not only embrace this philosophy as a primary means of looking forward, but will put in place policies that encourage entrepreneurs to take the risk at growing a new business, a new idea, and make it worth the risk to do so in Nashville.

“Government isn’t the solution; government IS the problem.” – Ronald Reagan

It’s time to expand “Music City” into something more; Exactly what that is will depend on what we can achieve with our private industry partners. Let’s not allow government to get in the way of this happening.

And here’s something else. Nashville is expanding at a breakneck pace. That’s great. What’s more important is to control that progress, those architectural glass and steel wonders going up all over the city, so as not to lose the treasures and the ambiance that is our heritage as Music City, and Country Music Capital of the World. For that to happen, we need a leader and architectural board that, first and foremost, focuses on controlling growth that conforms to our heritage architecturally and functionally. Yes, we need large business ventures to continue in this city. But equally important, we need to make it much more viable for mom and pop to be able to compete in this environment. How we do that can be easily done if we get government out of the way.