Preservation: A thing of the past?

I’ve come to cherish Nashville’s roots as Music City, the Country Music Capital of the World. However, I see that image in jeopardy of being permanently tarnished by a flurry of mismanagement. For instance, the fastest growing investment market in the country is in jeopardy of diluting our Music City culture and unique downtown architectural atmosphere. Despite amazing, and necessary growth, our city runs tremendous budget deficits, outsourcing typical revenue-producing services and duties to private industry to run lucrative contracts at the city’s long-term expense. I applaud industry’s innovation to bring positive change to Nashville, but I want to manage that change with a renewed emphasis on maintaining Nashville’s heritage, maintaining the architecture that is so important to us, and reverse those changes that detract from that, as well as detract from tourism.

I will re-focus city development on those projects that enhance our heritage, protecting the tourism industry, and all while operating within our revenue streams. Along with those budget priorities, we must ensure we give our first responders, and the public school teachers of our future leaders, the necessary resources they so much deserve.