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What if?

What if a non-politician became a candidate for Mayor of Nashville in the 2023 election? And what if this person recognized the divisiveness as politicians choose politics over policy with no compromise in regards to what is best for Nashville?

Meet Bernie Cox . . .

Voted as one of Nashville’s “Best Local Celebrities” for multiple years in the Toast of Music City, and recipient for several honors of recognition by Mayor Karl Dean for his exceptional service ethics and contributions.

Recipient of the prestigious Gaylord Entertainment Citizenship Award for creating and orchestrating profitable charity events benefiting The Nashville Children’s Alliance. In response, he has received honors as one of Nashville’s “Best Volunteers.”

 An Innovative and influential Board of Directors member of Tony Giarratana’s first iconic Cumberland on Church high-rise, with invaluable skills through all aspects of management, and an exciting kaleidoscope view to the amazing progress of Nashville.

As a registered Republican, Bernie is primarily focused on balancing Nashville’s growth with a priority on maintaining our  roots so important to Nashville, as opposed to political  decisions created by the division of  party lines . Revenue must come from traditional sources, not from schemes devised by commercial  or private entities on the backs of our local populace.

“George Washington didn’t cut down the Cherry Tree. Nashvillians didn’t allow the NFL Draft to cut down ours. Let’s keep our roots!”  – Bernie Cox


Who is Bernie Cox?

I’m the construction worker at one of the many building sites framing a wall, running rigid EMT conduit or the plumber doing a rough-
in for the latest high-rise.

I’m the secretary at the AT&T tower filing papers into a file cabinet and answering phones.

I’m the person at one of many Honky Tonks at Broadway and 2nd Ave, serving 1000’s of visitors from around the world, while trying to keep a smile on my face as they holler for another Jack and Coke.
I am you!

I’m that person watching CNN, ABC and FOX News trying to figure out who in the hell is telling the truth when it comes to politics.

I used to be able to sit with friends no matter what party affiliation; Republican or Democrat, have a spirited debate about saving the planet, and at the end of conversation we’d go out and have a beer!

What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. Politics over Policy.

Making a change. Making a difference.




Nashville Is growing, let’s grow the right way.