Everyone has the luxury to be politically incorrect, and unabashedly patriotic. I don’t believe my chances for election are degraded by not playing to a politically correct agenda.

I believe everyone, born or unborn, has a right to pursue happiness and an independent right to freedom.  I believe I can change what mainstream media calls politically correct to be more inline with what the greater majority of Nashville citizens think and feel.

Commonsense should be spoken freely without being called names like racist or homophobe, simply because a conservative idea is contrary to that of a truly minority mantra. For instance,  an example of  common sense:  Men should only use men’s bathrooms, regardless how they feel that day.  That’s not being insensitive to any person.  It’s being commonly sensitive to our young daughters’ privacies and safety, which trumps some adult’s own feeling of being insulted because he has to use a male bathroom.  Get over it;  it’s a bathroom. Go in, get your business done, come out, live your life and don’t intrude on my daughter.  Period.

Rights are God given.  Look it up.  You have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  You don’t have a right for me to pay your healthcare.  That said,  U.S. healthcare is the best in the world. Health Insurance, on the other hand, needs to be fixed, in a manner that does not jeopardize the U.S. healthcare system.  I intend to look closer at how Nashville provides healthcare for our government employees, and where able, make positive changes to continue providing access to care for everyone entitled to that care.