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bernie cox: Music

Lawyers and Lies

(bernie cox)
August 10, 2016
Bernie Cox
I’ve had enough of your theatrical tears
You’ve played that scene so well
But soon your storybook will come to a close
Your twisted fate will tell

I know your joker’s been showing his face
In time your cards will reveal
So don’t be counting all you think you have won, when it’s
Not your deal

Lawyers and Lies
It’s time to turn the table
I’m gonna push your toy soldiers aside
Lawyers and Lies

I look back at all we had done
Can’t help but feel betrayed
Laughin’ lovin’ two hearts beating as one
Was just your masquerade

Two legged spider once trapped beside her
It’s independence day
I’m pushin’ side those terrible lies
It’s my turn to play

All your kings horses, all your kings men
Wonderin’ what went wrong
Make no mistake you never had what it takes
Now that the lawyers are gone