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bernie cox: Music

going home

(bernie cox)
August 1, 2013
bernie cox
Going Home

I open a bottle of wine
Sitting at this tiny table
In these worn out shoes
I’ve got little to lose

Feeling a little bit tired
Or maybe I’m getting just a little bit old
Still the sun shines bright
As years unfold

(T) Another road leads to where I go
Where I go I’ve already been
And home is just a word I know
But it’s where I want to be again

(Chorus) Palm Springs California
Where nothing really matters at all
Just the mountain and me and memories
There’s nothing in this world quite like
Going Home

Nashville to New York City
Carolina used to be mine but it aint no more
I’ve locked that door

I’ve been around the block a time or two
Can’t make no sense to it all
Palm Springs follows me where I go
And every time I hear you call

(Bridge) The beauty of the old stone church
Dust off those small town dreams
A place where fear never appears
And everything is what it seems