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bernie cox: Guestbook

Michele DiFabio

January 28, 2016

Hi Bernie,

You may remember us, I'm the Jersey Girl and I was with Mark from California having lunch at the Wildhorse, Mark was the one busting you about football. I listened to your song and it is beautiful. You said you were a song writer, you didn't say you sing and play guitar. You've got a lot of talent. I also watched your proposal, congratulations.Mark and I will be back in Nashville soon we will stop and visit.

Kathy Lundquist

April 26, 2015

Hi Bernie,
My sister and I visited with you at the bar at the Wildhorse on April 13th. I just watched your video of Everything. What a beautiful song. You have a very nice voice and I thought the video was done very well. I hope this takes off for you. Thank you.

Deborah Blake

March 25, 2015

I met you briefly when I was visiting my daughter Wendy who worked at the Wildhorse. I'm so glad that your talent is being recognized. Make that dream come true Bernie!

Steve &Vicki;Darrow

July 19, 2014

Every time we come to Nashville, we have to stop in for a great time. Thank you.

Claudia Noble

April 28, 2014

What an amazing story! Thanks for the wonderful service and for the genuine intro to this great Music city!

Frank Casas

May 22, 2013

Interested in OZ.

Erica and James Gowin

March 10, 2013

I hope all your dreams come true Bernie. You are a good man and I'm honoured to have met you.

Cristin Bryant

September 25, 2012

My boyfriend and I came to wild horse saloon tonight for the first time and loved it! I am very touched by your story and hope that you fulfill all of your dreams in writing music, you have such a special spirit and we really enjoyed our time there tonight! We will for sure be back!

Phyllis Szary

September 1, 2012

So enjoyed our time at Wildhorse, you are the best!!! Hope to see you again!

Ruth and Steve Shephard, Silver Spring, MD

November 29, 2011

Thanks for keeping us company, Bernie! We had such fun and hope to see you again...

Darlene Mann

November 15, 2011

It was great meeting you the other nite at the bar. You were a hilight to our trip...thanks for showing ur kind southern charm and personality...u have an amazing voice...and i really like ur music..from nova scotia :)

Jeff Holmes

January 20, 2011


Thank you for making us for at home during our visit.

Randy Weber

January 16, 2011

Hey Bernie, Amanda was over for dinner and told me that you are a musician (I didn't know that)and we should get together some time. I'm home everyday so if you're up to it give me a call. 615-481-1632. Also, I'm always lookin' for lead guitar players to play and record on my originals if you're interested. Thanks, Randy.

jana leaderman

January 6, 2011

Hey Bernie, Thank you so much for taking care of Jeff and I during our extended stay in Nashville. Pls keep in touch. You def need to come to NYC. TTYS, Jana

JoAnne McFarland

January 5, 2011

Best of luck to you! Thanks for the great service Jan. 1 at Wildhorse. You absolutely made our Nashville experience one to remember. You did beat Matt as the "best bartender in Nashville" but he was pretty busy on New Years LOL.

Those two from OH and VA

ronit abittan

October 10, 2010

i'd like to compliment you for your great talent and outstanding music, this site is one of the most amazing ones i have seen, thank you for the many instances of enjoying your music.
looking for your next song
god bless you.

Tali Caron

October 10, 2010

Dear Brenie,

My name is Tali and actually Albert's daughter (Ronit's sister). Yeah you have some family in Israel. Sad we never met or talk...

I was listening to your songs and taking the apportunity so say you are amazing.

Btw, talked to your mom the other day she sounds cool and great. I'm curious to meet with her. She told me that she supposed to come over to visit and cant wait for that day.

Any way, Keep in touch (if you wish).

My email address:


Mai Caron

October 10, 2010

This is Tali Caron's daughter and you are really talented (:
Stay in touch (:
Kisses from my mom (Tali Caron)

Kurt Kreisher

May 21, 2010

When we going surfing dog?!?

Robert Spista

April 17, 2010


Thanks for the great service and fun time while we were at the Wild Horse on Thursday. Nice website. Take care and good luck on your upcoming venture.


Ryan Stark

April 6, 2010

Bernie, my father (Dick) and his friend Bob met you at the Wildhorse a couple of weeks ago and they can't stop talking about their experience. I watched the proposal on you tube. Congrats! Love the Music! Good luck in all that you do! Ryan Stark

Merle Vogel

November 3, 2009

Just talked to your Mom. Great to hear you are doing well in Nashville. We were there two years ago. Wish we'd known you were there then.
Best wishes for happiness and success,

Rob McElwain

October 24, 2009

hey Bernie< Congradulations! heard from Al you are in look something like your dad in the picture...aren't too many who can say that/
hope to see you sometime...never been to Nashville...but its a long way from SoCal...will catch up with you sometime..rob

Alan Asawa

October 24, 2009

Talking to you after, what?, 35 years?! was a real treat! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with me. Hope your trip out west went well.
God bless you Bernie.

Lee Anne Wills

September 10, 2009

Hi Bernie, Would love to touch base. This was the first time I heard your music and I am a fan. I already was. LA

Paul Alen Stewart

April 7, 2009

How you doing? I work with Joan Mcneish down here in Jacksoville. I would like to talk to you about some songs I have been writting.


April 5, 2009

Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.

Helen Varley

March 27, 2009

I met you at Wild Horse Saloon last May, with 3 friends. You dancedon the bar with me and we chatted. You gave me a CD which I forwarded to BBC Radio 2, to Bob Harris. Unfortunately, I heard nothing back. But my friends and I are coming back to Memphis- for the Music Festival! Will you be playing there at all? There are so many bands we thought you might. If not, we're coming to Nashville the week after, and wondered if you'll be playing anywhere there? We all like your music, and would love to see you and your band play live!! Hope to hear from you. Cheers! Best wishes, Helen, Maggie, Mick & Geoff.

Melinda Ewalt

March 4, 2009

Hey, When will you be performing at Wild Horse again? We would love to come see you live.

Doug & Ceta

January 21, 2009

Bernie Joe! From neighbor to Nashville ... beautiful! We're so glad you are doing what you've always wanted. We should all be so lucky! Wish we could see your show. Maybe we will someday? Keep writin and playin and livin life ol buddy!

Liz and Ben

December 25, 2008

Hi Bernie
We wish you and you`r family
a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year
Liz and Ben
Bergen Norway

Lindsay Cox

June 12, 2008

I'll see you soon dad!
Love your music, I can't wait to visit!

Matt & Dominique

June 11, 2008

Hey Bernie,

It was great to see you again, I'm very interested in talking more with you about what we were discussing and hearing your ideas and thoughts on it. You have the number if you can get away, I'm sure we'll be back that way soon and we'll talk soon either way.


May 15, 2008

Hey Bernie, we're hoping to come back you way sometime in the near future. We'd like to have dinner with you. Any news on the next installment of the Bernie Cox collection?


April 23, 2008 this is my first post on blog

Scott Pearl

April 11, 2008

I have met thousands of people in this world and I meet hundreds daily. But I will say some touch in many different ways. You are one that everyone should meet because you and your music will touch them for the rest of our lives.
Thanks Big Guy

Rocky & Bailey

February 11, 2008

Hi Bernie,
Thank you so much for saving us from the hard life. Now we have wonderful life and without you we don't what would have happend.
Keep your beautiful music and we hold that in our heart.
Love, Rocky and Bailey

Renee Standhardt

February 11, 2008

Your voice is very sexy and lovely, it touches my heart.
Keep singing.........
ps. Are you related to Keith urban?

Danielle C

February 11, 2008

I love your music. I listen to them all the time. You're a great singer. Your voice very similar to keith Urban.
Good luck with your music.

Jeff Nelson

January 18, 2008

Bernie...Happy New Year. Your 3 favorite people from New Jersey are coming for our third straight vacation in March. We'll be in Music City from March 1-9. See you at the Wildhorse!!!


December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year
From Bergen Norway
Liz and Ben


October 1, 2007

Hi Bernie from the fab 5! You can remember us by the coin trick that's going to make you lots of $$$. We had a great time hanging with you at the Wildhorse. Your music rocks! Thanks for the cd. We will be seeing you soon when you become a giant star. Can't wait until you tour in INDY!

June Landwehr

July 31, 2007

Hi Bernie, finally looked you up. How is everything going with you? We really like your last cd you gave us. Donny says hi to you. So you remember when we told you about this friend of ours that was trying to get started in music business! Well he's coming down to Nashville this week and we told him to go to look you up at work. His name is Jerry Schmitt from Stratford,Wi. He will be with his mom and other family. So I hope he finds you. Bye for now. June Landwehr

Jeff Nelson

July 27, 2007

Bernie, it's one of your friends from Jersey that visits Nashville with his buddy and his beautiful girfriend Charlene. Hope the best bartender in all of music city is well.
Take care,

Liz and Ben From Bergen Norway

July 23, 2007

Hi my friend
was nice to meat you againe,sorry we dont get say goodbay, bat the Wildhoors was closed, have fun until we came back,love you cd and nice web site


June 13, 2007

It was nice to meet you last friday night. thanks for the CD I jammed to it on the way home. See ya soon!

Dave Richard

June 3, 2007

Hey man,The web site looks great and so do you.Hope to be seeing you and everyone else soon.Stay cool and live life man.

Terry & Ken

May 20, 2007

Looking forward to visiting at the end of June. Your music is great. Best to you.


April 18, 2007

Great CD love your music. BEST OF LUCK


April 16, 2007




April 6, 2007

Two-headed coin is going to be a smash hit. Would like to see Long Cold Minute on the site.